I don’t really feel all to inspired to share an “original” thought today, but I do want to add value to my future self when I go back and review my musings later. So today I’m going to post a few responses to a question that came up in one of my favorite Slack groups.

What do you do when you feel out of sync with where you work but you don’t feel out of sync with the mission of the organization itself?

  1. Talk to management about why I feel that way, and find out if we can’t agree on a way forward that gets me back into sync. Seek out another organization with the same mission/values.
  2. My guess is that I’d be thinking of:
    • Can/should I change myself to get more in sync?
    • Can/should I try and change the current organization so I can feel in sync?
    • Can/should I change to a different organization so I can feel in sync?
  3. I tried to stem what I saw as a bad tide coming in. I learned a lesson about that, though, when the efforts went in vain and my boss and I were told we had outgrown the company and should find employment elsewhere. Now, I think I would assess the issues causing that feeling, and evaluate leaving vs working to resolve it.
  4. Try to get a sense of if it’s a personal problem (e.g. because I’m stressed, burnt out, or what not), a team problem (e.g. because we’re not connecting what we’re working on to the mission or we’re not working on what we say we should be), or a company problem (e.g. because the business strategy itself is disconnected from the mission or the strategy is unclear). Personally I find a week or two of vacation helps me clear my head and get a better sense of what the issue is. If it’s a personal problem, work with my manager and friends/mentors/therapist outside of work to address it. The higher level problems are harder to fix and I don’t honestly know how to fix them as well; I’ve left jobs over bad business strategy in the past. I’d love to be better at fixing issues on those levels though.

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