Fifteen Percent

Writing daily has been somewhat of a struggle to keep up with, I admit. But what I enjoy about the exercise is that’s it has made me more reflective of my days. The days are important. The days come together and build weeks and months, and if you aren’t reflective of your days you can quickly let the years pass you by.

Forcing the habit of daily writing means forcing me to think about what was significant enough in my mind that day that I want to share it with others. Or perhaps just share it with myself at a later time (let’s be honest, that’s really what’s most likely here).

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Controlling your options

If you’re going to have to make a decision, try to make sure it’s between a good choice and a great choice.

These are not always the options that life presents to us. But if we can work hard enough to position ourselves for the right opportunities, I believe we can position ourselves so that the decisions get less difficult and less consequential when it comes to matters of our personal and professional growth.

Ramblings: making a house a home

In yesterday’s post I talked about my love of building, and I mentioned my house. I bought the place in 2014 for (really) cheap, but it needed a good amount of work. At the time that sounded like a fun project and a challenge. I never had much experience with construction or being a handy man.

The first few projects were great! I installed new hardwood floor, painted the entire house, and remodeled the guest bathroom from top to bottom with new plumbing fixtures — all without the help of professionals (albeit with a LOT of trial and even more error). Praise the powers that be for YouTube.

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I build therefore I code

Sometimes it’s nice to step back and evaluate your career and the choices you’ve made that have led you to wherever you are. Just to make sure that wherever you’re going from here is truly aligned with your goals, and that your goals are aligned with the things the bring you joy and fulfillment in life.

For the longest time I didn’t really know the answer to that last question. I’ve dabbled in a number of things over the years, some things I’ve enjoyed and some not so much. When I look at the things I do that make me the happiest, the clear common thread is that they all involve creation. Building something that didn’t exist before.

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Tip-toeing into conference talks

Speaking at a tech conference has been a goal of mine since before I became a web developer. I always enjoy the people I meet and experiences I gain from conferences, and I’m glad to say that I finally feel like I’m in a position to contribute to others and give back.

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Step away

What’s great about hard days is that when you finally get a little bit of distance between you and that funk you were in, you look back and realize how utterly unimportant that thing was that bothered you so much. Tomorrow it won’t even be a passing thought, so why was it such a burden in the moment? It’s important to channel those thoughts in the moment as best you can, but sometimes you need that distance to process. And all it takes to get you there is to take a break.

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